Why Not Home? is a thoughtful look at complex issues. It’s down to earth style puts a human spin on the contentious topic of home birth. I hope that every expectant parent, as well as medical and nursing students see this film. There is something for everyone in this beautifully done film.
— — Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH, LCCE

DVD with Educational license 

Join a growing list of colleges and universities who are sharing this powerful story with the next generation of nurses, physicians, midwives, anthropologists, and public health professionals. Rich with both data and story, the film is a great way to discuss the concepts of shared decision making, informed consent, patient autonomy, and evidence-based care. It's also an amazing tool for doulas and childbirth educators to use with expectant parents. Without fear or judgement, this film is appropriate for parents planning birth in any setting. 


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