What a wonderful, informative, and inspiring documentary. Whether you are considering home birth, birthing center, or hospital, this is a must watch! Know your choices and know you are supported in whatever the right choice is for you personally.
— Susan Podowski, Expectant Parent

DVD for non-profit (501c3) or community use

When you purchase a DVD licensed for Non-Profit or community use, you'll receive the 78 minute feature documentary, as well as 22 minutes of exclusive DVD extras. This license covers unlimited use in a single location for educational purposes only. Tickets may not be sold under this license type according to copyright law. For more information, see our Licensing FAQs. 

An excellent resource for childbirth education classes or community, doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators across the US and around the world are using this with clients and communities to raise awareness and empower birthing families.

Spanish and French subtitles as well as English SDH are available on the DVD.

This film is a must see for any community wanting to empower women and families in their birth choices.
— Ilia Blandina, CNM, author of "Give Birth a Chance"