We are looking for several conference representatives over the course of 2018. Keep reading for the job description:

A conference representative will attend a mutually agreed upon professional conference on behalf of Why Not Home? in order to engage childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, and conference attendees and expand the film’s reach to a larger audience.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Receive and respond in a timely manner to WNH staff as well as conference staff, prior to the conference.

  • Receive shipped materials and bring them to the conference at the appropriate time to set up the WNH table.

  • Be present and available during pre-determined vendor hours and stationed at the Why Not Home? table.

  • Sell DVDs and performance licenses, as well as greet conference attendees and answer questions.

  • Tear down the table at the end of the conference.

Job Requirements:

  • The ideal candidate is attentive to detail, responsive to email, friendly, welcoming, and extroverted, geographically near to the applicable conference, and has a personal connection to our film.


  • We offer a generous commission of all DVDs/performance licenses that are sold at the conference.

See the list of conferences, and apply now: