Licensing FAQs

Do I really need to purchase a license to show the film?

Yes! Here the rule of thumb: if you are showing the film anywhere outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license for your institution. We review all purchases to confirm correct licensing. So please don’t get caught cheating—it’s really embarrassing and can even get you in trouble.

What type of license do I need to purchase?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the licenses and types of organizations that qualify:


This license is for nonprofits, childbirth educators, doulas, small businesses, birth centers, advocacy organizations, and community groups. If you’re showing the film to any kind of public or private gathering that’s not a school, library, or educational institution, you should purchase the Nonprofit/Community license.


This license is for all higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, and medical education institutions. If you are a professor, librarian, or administrator at one of these institutions, you should purchase the College/University license.

Public Library/K-12

This license is for public libraries and K-12 schools. If you’re a librarian, teacher, administrator, or educator at one of these institutions, you should purchase the Public Library/K-12 license.

Public Screening

This license is for individuals, organizations, or businesses who want to screen the film as a public event, selling tickets to raise money or make a profit.

Why are there different prices for the licenses?

We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system based on the general usage for each type of organization. For example, a university may add the film to their collection and many faculty, students, and classes will check out the film over a period of time. A nonprofit may use the film for their regular programs, community outreach, fundraising, and/or marketing. A public library or school may add the film to their collection and reach a smaller number of people in their local community.

Our prices are based on industry standard rates set by leading documentary distributors such as Roco Educational, DER, Bullfrog, and New Day Films. Our goal is to make the film accessible to all types of organizations and, at the same time, generate enough revenue to keep up outreach and educational efforts and recoup the cost of creating the film. As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support.

I’d like to show the film at multiple chapters, branches, or locations of my organization. What should I do?

The Educational license includes an unlimited exhibition license at one facility. This means you can show the film as many times as you’d like at one physical location, chapter, or branch. If you’d like to show the film at multiple locations, you must purchase a separate License for each location. Please contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount—we offer discounts for bulk orders. For more information, contact Kathryn Orr at

I’m an individual and want to show the film to various organizations in my community. What should I do?

You will need to decide between a public screening license and a community license. If you plan to charge admission or use sponsors for your event, you need a public screening license. If you will be hosting one or ongoing FREE, community events, you need a community/nonprofit license. Please use your honest judgement.

Where is my money going?

This project has always been independent and will remain that way. It has been a labor of love start to finish. All of the proceeds from our sales go directly into paying staff, ongoing outreach and educational efforts, and creating new content.  We rely on your support!